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GRID Alternatives provides NO-COST solar for families with limited or fixed incomes. And you can save up to 90% on your electricity bills!


We're a nonprofit organization that provides local job training and solar for families like yours.


Unlike for-profit solar companies, we charge you nothing and you incur no debt. We pay for your system!


If you go solar with GRID, you'll save 50-90% on your energy bill, more than double the savings for-profits promise.

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"We're very grateful for this program and the money we save on electric bills will really make a difference for our family."
- Salvador Jimenez, Perris, CA

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GRID Alternatives
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GRID Alternatives Partners with The Obama Administration
 GRID is excited to be part of the Obama Administration’s Clean Energy Savings for All Americans Initiative to ensure that every family in the United States has access to solar energy.

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